Sabtu, 7 Mei 2011

Beneath This Breathing tree

Come my friend,
join me beneath this breathing tree,
and sit on the crispy grass,
smother yourself with its scene,
full of emotion and laden with wisdom,

Be ease my friend,
each worry smeared your face with wrinkles,
alas, the city neon still blind you with lies,
now that you with me under this tree,
throw all your stress and be free,

Don't worry my friend,
all the unsolved hectic of your life,
are fugitive running in its own prison,
never to be free, never to be captured,
but you my friend are their warden,
taking of a day off sitting beside me,
under this breathing tree,

Smile my friend,
under this tree there are rules to be obey,
no worry, no lies, no reality,
relax and then you will see,
it's just me,
and this breathing tree

-English pun boleh maa-
-Upnm, Sg.besi-

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